Learn what a Social Enterprise is and what benefits there are to having this business model

Social Enterprises are defined as cause-driven businesses whose primary reason is to serve the common good intentionally tackling social problems and improving communities. However they aren’t only good for the community, culture and/or environment, they can also benefit your business!

This session will be a discussion about the growing trend and recognition of Social Enterprises as a viable start up or business model for existing business.

What will be discussed?

• Benefits of being a social enterprise

• What constitutes a social enterprise

• Strategies to transition to a social enterprise model

• Where to begin if you are a start-up social enterprise

• What funding, grants and incentives are available

• What the Ipswich and West Moreton region has on offer.

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The session is FREE to join and will provide invaluable information for startups and established businesses considering a social enterprise model.

This panel is bought to you by Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP) Ipswich and West Moreton and Ipswich City Council.

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