Peter Bail

Peter Bail is the founder and Business Development Manager for Grow Logic and a consultant in the field of crop management technologies for agriculture and horticulture. His broad range of skill sets, including product development, product management, design of automation control, monitoring and fertigation solutions, to hands on skills such as installation, commissioning, system diagnostics, training and support gives Peter a very good grounding for developing farm management solutions now and into the future.

Peter Bail

Founder, Grow Logic

Grow Logic – Feeding the Future through Innovation.
Grow Logic is an Ag-tech Startup providing a dual business solution, firstly by delivering a new farm management experience to growers by integrating software, hardware and science to make farms more profitable, plants more productive, whilst reducing risk to the grower. Secondly by developing a Tech-Agronomy management platform to integrate supporting industries such as agronomists, growers groups, service providers and advisers to provide best management practices to the grower.

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