Lex Van Cooten

My passion is understanding the cutting edge of immersive technologies and how they can be leveraged to bring personal and professional value. As the Lead Instructor and Imagineer at Immerse Academy, I am involved in developing cutting-edge virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 degree video experiences across multiple industries.

Lex Van Cooten

Immerse Academy

We provide training and education to help you and your business understand the full potential of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. This is delivered in the form of workshops, consulting and professional development, where we work with you to find how you can capitalize on using these re-emerging, immersive technologies for product simulations, event activations, staff training, virtual conferencing and more.

Having worked with clients such as Hyundai, KPMG, Westfields Shopping Centre and BUPA, we see the potential that immersive technologies have in adding value across multiple industries. Regardless of the industry you are in, you can leverage this technology to your advantage.

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