Do you want to help young people learn technology? Support entrepreneurship in women in regional areas? Protect Australia’s natural ecosystems? Deliver safe drinking water to people in Nicaragua?

This June we have an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, get to know some amazing people, work on cool stuff, eat good food, and have heaps of fun!

Over the weekend of 16 June, we bring together Change Makers, designers, developers, marketers, managers, and pretty much anyone who wants to hack for kindness.

Four Change Makers have offered their projects to hack on:

Global Foosball Challenge (STEM for young people) – Nick Vellacott

The Global Foosball Table Challenge is a project developed in Fire Station 101 to engage young people in technology and connect in a global community. The goal is to enable young people to create autonomous foosball tables and compete with other tables around the world. Nick and his team have created a proof of concept and are looking for people with hardware and software engineering and design skills to help get their tables into local schools.

UPower entrepreneurial program (Regional female leadership) – Sirle Adamson

The UPower Leadership program is a non-profit initiative that trains, empowers and mentors female leaders in regional and rural areas to start businesses, advance their skills and to help local businesses in innovation. Sirle is looking at ways to connect female entrepreneurs in regional and remote areas across Australia and around the world with each other and with opportunities through their entrepreneur journey.

Queensland Trust for Nature (Environmental sustainability)- Nerida Bradley

QTFN is an independent, non for profit focused on connection and where possible protection of Queensland’s biodiversity and natural landscapes. Every day, QTFN works with local communities to protect at-risk ecosystems and species and secure management solutions on privately-owned land. Nerida is looking for ways to map and connect engaged community groups, landholders, NGO, and indigenous groups to better protect endangered, vulnerable or threatened species and regional ecosystems.

SEQ Water: Water Aid for Kuiwi Tigna, Nicaragua (water protection) – Katie Jones

Aqua Viva is a team of engineers in SEQ water who are working on a project for the design of a surface water intake for highly erosive soils with the pumping energy provided by solar power. The solution will bring together those with software, hardware and design skills to control, monitor, and share outcomes to bring safe drinking water in Nicaragua.

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We are looking for anyone who wants to lend a hand in supporting these big opportunities.

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