Calling all Ipswich Changemakers – if you are in an organisation that is making a difference, we want to help!

Apply here:

What’s RHoK?

Random Hacks of Kindness, or RHoK, is a weekend event where we connect people who are making a difference in the world with programmers, designers, business people, and anyone else who could use their skills to create a technical solution.

RHoK is a growing global social impact program that runs twice a year in Australia across six locations. This June, Random Hacks of Kindness returns to Ipswich and is putting the call out for Change Makers who are keen to make a difference in the Ipswich region.

What do we look for?

Here’s some of the things we are looking for:

  • Impact: Who will be helped and how?
  • Capability: Do you have experience in the area where you want to make a difference?
  • Sustainability: Will you be able to apply what is created and carry it on past the weekend?
  • Need: Could you do this without RHoK? How big is the need?
  • Innovative: How interesting is the project? Is it new and does it add value?
  • Availability: Are you available over the weekend hackathon of the 17th and 18th of June?

Why do we RHoK?

A RHoK weekend is not just about creating a piece of technology, as we can only do so much in a weekend. You get so much more:

  • A group of passionate and capable people focusing on your business
  • Creating new networks, relationships, and friendships that last well beyond the weekend
  • Media focus as we share the outcomes of the weekend with the world
  • Learning new skills and team building experience

How can I apply?

If you feel you are a Change Maker who could benefit from a group of people focused on a technical solution for your business over a weekend, here’s what’s next:

  1. Application: Apply through the national Random Hacks of Kindness website (Ipswich applications close 28 April):
  2. Selection: Change Maker applications will be reviewed and Change Makers selected by 3 May.
  3. Preparation: A Change Maker 101 session will guide you through what to expect to get the most out of the weekend, including what can (and can’t) be done in a weekend and an overview of software development to help you talk to programmers.
  4. Ideation: Before the weekend hackathon, we will hold an ideation night where you will pitch your challenge and teams will form to help come up with ideas about what might be done over a weekend.
  5. Hackathon: The hackathon will run from Friday 16 June to Sunday 18 June, with judging happening on Sunday afternoon.

So if you are Change Maker keen to have people focus on your business, Apply Now!

For anyone else who wants to be a part of Random Hacks of Kindness in Ipswich, you can register for the meetup group here:

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