Launch your idea with Startup Launchpad at Fire Station 101

Do you have a business idea but aren’t sure what first steps to take? Maybe you’ve heard words like validate, pivot, and unicorns but you have no clue what they mean. Maybe you went to look for a book to help you and discovered that there are 200 promising the same thing!

Deciding to start or significantly change a business is a big deal and you deserve a high five for wanting to. Passion and desire are going to be integral to your journey but you’ll need tools to get you going.

Startup Launch Pad is a three-session intensive designed for those looking to start something new or develop a new idea in an existing business.

Your outcomes

By the end of three interactive and intensive sessions, you will:

  • Have a firm grasp of your idea;
  • Understand how (and if) your idea is relevant to your customers;
  • Have a refined and rehearsed 2-minute pitch
  • Have a roadmap of next steps and the initial scope of your startup; and
  • Know the right questions to ask.

This is more than just a short course. This is a learning experience that will be tailored for your idea, with actions for you to complete between each workshop.

Further details

The program price for the three-workshops is $150, payable on-site at the first session.

To help get your idea off the ground, the three-workshop series comes with a free one-month membership at Fire Station 101. The program is free for existing part-time and full-time members.

Series Overview

Workshop 1: Idea testing: Do something that matters (Tuesday, 12 July, 5:30pm-8pm)


In this workshop, we will provide you with tools and models to understand the first steps and help you figure out the direction for those steps.

Someone once said that an idea that doesn’t solve a problem is just art. After this workshop, you will be able to clearly explain the problem being solved by your idea, as well as the scope and impact of your solution. You will discover how to make major steps to get going with minimal resources.


Workshop 2: Idea modelling: Get your business plan on one page (Saturday, 16 July, 9:30am-12pm)


With your feedback from the market in hand, we will model your business to identify gaps and your value proposition.

An initial business plan does not have to be lengthy or detailed, in fact, it’s helpful to be able to see all of the key areas on one page so that you have actionable next steps. You will leave this workshop with tools to further validate your idea and a clear mental picture of what your idea might look like to actual customers.


Workshop 3: Idea building: Bring your idea to reality (Wednesday, 20 July, 5:30pm-8pm)


We will introduce simple and cost-effective tools to get your idea in front of customers.

Ideas are only ideas until you find a way to show and monetise them. This workshop will get you clear about next steps and pathways to go from a bare-minimum product to investment-ready.


About your facilitators

Timothy Hui

TimTim, an Ipswich native, is passionate about building high energy entrepreneurial ecosystems. Tim has worked in areas of large scale project implementation to consulting for government. He is currently Vice-President of QUT Starters and President of QUT Fellowship of Medical Engineers. He is a key player in bringing entrepreneurship to a priority position at QUT and putting the university on the map for student entrepreneurship. He is currently organising Disrupting Law before he heads to the UK on academic secondment.




Rosie Odsey

RosieRosie has worked in a range of businesses, from franchises to startups to small businesses to corporates. After deciding against the corporate life, she has maintained an active role in the Brisbane startup community. She was co-organiser for Startup Hatch (a 30-day intensive that saw five figure investment and various resources go into student teams) and currently curates Startup Digest Brisbane. She is a self-confessed hackathon/Startup Weekend addict and is currently in the research phase for her next project.



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