Fire Station 101 is a unique and successful model of Council backing innovation and entrepreneurship. Since opening in March 2016, Fire Station 101 has shaped a more connected community and advanced dozens of startups.

Now, as part of its awarded Smart City Program, Ipswich City Council is expanding the portfolio and value of Fire Station 101 to deliver even greater social, economic and innovation outcomes. Ipswich City Council will soon be seeking proposals to co-manage and deliver Fire Station 101’s key programs.

The request for proposals will allow for:

  • A wide range of innovative proposals
  • Proposals covering one, several or all of the key programs
  • A variety of operating and commercial models to be proposed and evaluated.

Key programs for which Council is seeking partners:

  • Startup incubator program
  • Startup accelerator program
  • Technical skills development program
  • Digital literacy programs for business
  • Design thinking programs for business
  • Pretotyping program
  • A program of events
  • Co-working space.

Next steps:

The open request for proposals will be formally released shortly through the LG Tender Box online tendering portal.

View more information regarding the Ipswich Smart City Program and Fire Station 101.


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