Ipswich Central Business Briefing

The Ipswich Central Business Briefings take on a new online format, on the Shape your Ipswich platform, to ensure the community remains engaged with, during COVID-19 restrictions.

Mayor Harding provides a welcome and introduction to the first online briefing addressing the business community. Insights into what has been happening in Ipswich Central is provided by Deputy Mayor and Councillor Marnie Doyle, Councillor Jonic and Councillor Fechner. For all the features please see the Agenda below.

Background and purpose:

The Ipswich Central Business Briefings held quarterly have been operating for almost two years. The purpose of these is to keep the business community up to date about what is happening in the Ipswich Central area.

The community have always taken this as an opportunity to have an active part to engage with Ipswich City Council. Although the platform had to be moved from a physical meeting to an online platform, Council hopes that it remains an engaged session where the community gains insight into developments and can raise any questions they might have regarding the updates.


This briefing will provide a sneak peek into the Nicholas Street redevelopments and also include highlights showcasing numerous local businesses and how they have adapted best practices during COVID-19. Numerous opportunities and projects have been taking place in Ipswich Central which are summarised in this update. Please see the agenda bellow:

September 2020 Ipswich Central Business Briefing:

  1. Welcome and address | Mayor Teresa Harding
    2.      Update | Deputy Mayor Councillor Marnie Doyle
    3.      Update | Councillors Nicole Jonic and Andrew Fechner
    4.      26 The Terrace, North Ipswich | Department of Housing and Public Works
    5.      Video resources and updates from the business community
    6.      Online Q&A and Feedback



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