A world leader in hologram technology with clients including Toyota, Bacardi and New Zealand Rugby has established its Australian base in the Ipswich CBD.

Owned by 25-year-old Chris Mather, HoloSpace combines the power of 3D visuals with interactive technology to engage audiences and deliver key messages for clients.

“We create a transparent 3D image and use reflection to make the image look like it is floating,” the New Zealand-born Mr Mather said.

“We’re currently moving towards the next generation of holograms that are more open and have more wow factor.

“It’s like virtual reality without the goggles. It allows us to interact with a large group of people all at the same time.”

Branded as Point Zero across the ditch, HoloSpace products will soon take centre stage as part of a new attraction at a major Queensland theme park.

A game changing personal training product for the health and fitness industry will also be released in Sydney gyms in coming weeks.

“We’re four months into a six-month trial at Auckland Airport where we installed a 2m wide by 1.5m high hologram to educate visitors about New Zealand’s strict biosecurity laws,” Mr Mather said.

“It includes items that you can and can’t bring into the country and shows an orange with a fruit fly on it and a citrus orchid being destroyed to illustrate what can happen if you bring these items into New Zealand.

Watch: Holospace holograms in action

“The feedback has been incredibly positive and the goal is to get the holograms in every airport in New Zealand.”

Mr Mather and HoloSpace graphic designer Gabi De Groen moved to Ipswich after receiving funding from Advance Queensland’s Hot DesQ program in September last year.

The grant allowed them to set up shop anywhere in the state, and Ipswich was the perfect fit.

“We got to pick what co-working space we wanted to join and I saw a really unique opportunity with Fire Station 101 providing access to the city’s government, business and community leaders,” Mr Mather said.

“We both spend about 60 hours a week at Fire Station and we also mentor Ipswich businesses and assist them with everything from websites and branding to SEO development.

“We still have another seven staff in Wellington, New Zealand from sales people to 3D modellers and programmers.

“Ultimately I want to grow the business here and export the product. It’s easier to achieve in Australia compared to New Zealand and there’s a great talent pool to draw from.”

Prior to HoloSpace Mr Mather only had one job – working at a McDonald’s in Wellington. Now he feels like he’s already retired.

“By the age of 25 I wanted to be worth $500 million so I’m behind the eight ball,” he joked.

“Even now this isn’t really a job, I treat it as fun and it absolutely has to be fun if you’re putting in 60 hours a week.

“I believe hugely in the fact that people should try to create instead of consume. We need to focus less on consumerism and more on what we can create and give back to the broader community.

“What I’m working on with HoloSpace is how we can use this amazing technology to engage and educate people.

“We’re taking complex technology and delivering messages that people can easily understand.”


Original story posted by Brad Weier at Ipswichfirst.com.au

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