What is it?

The business adaption programs are designed to provide guidance and support to assist Ipswich local businesses to accept and adapt to working through COVID-19 challenges. Many local businesses and the regions Chambers of Commerce provided feedback to help design these courses. Programs are also delivered by local businesses where possible.

Phase 1 Business Adaption Programs (ran between end of March to end of April). A total of 12 programs were run during this time, some 289 businesses attended these sessions. Courses were shared online via other Chambers of Commerce around Brisbane, Cairns and Kiama Councils. Courses include:

  • Practicing Business Resilience- Local Psychologist talking businesses through change and how to lead your business during this time.
  • Your Cash Flow during COVID-19- What’s important for your cash flow right now? Understanding the dos and the don’ts of what you need to know when you apply. For government grants and the Introduction of the Ipswich Grant Finder tool.
  • Taking your Business Online- Is an online presence best for your business? Or is an app better for you? Discuss options around how to take your business online during COVID-19.
  • Managing Change in Small Business business during COVID-19- A more in-depth look at how to manage during a crisis, how to respond to your customers during a Pandemic.

Phase 1 webinar recordings coming soon…

Phase 2 Programs- (end of April to Current) So far some 64 businesses have attended 5 sessions. Based on the fact that there are numerous business adaption programs now available, we pivoted our programs to provide tailored help towards different sectors and more one-on-one assistance and guidance.

More sessions still to come!

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