Fire Station 101 presents an introductory hands-on workshop to get you and your team 21st century ‘video ready’ to satisfy your customer’s hungry appetite for video.

It’s time to Get Video Smart – The Business Video (R)evolution Is Here

Surprise yourself with on-camera confidence you didn’t know you had

Plan out your 2020 video strategy to win trust, shorten sales cycles and stop your business turning invisible in the digital age.

Unlock your skills in smartphone video get an unfair advantage in your marketplace.

Perfect for both iOS and Android smartphone users.

Points to take away

That 20th-century video – just standing behind the camera – is dead. 21st-century video for business is a seamless dance from behind to in front of the camera. You’ll learn that it’s nowhere near as hard as you imagined

The world is hungry for truth, feed it. In 2020, people tune into purpose and tune out to polish. Authentic videos made by authentic people with lumps and bumps and wrinkles are in demand.

Video is NOT the secret sauce, YOU are. If you teach, train, sell or serve in any capacity, video can help you reach your desired outcomes faster because it leads with your strongest asset … you.

Stop! Before you spend money on expensive cameras understand that the future of video is computational and the leaders in this new video are not traditional camera manufacturers, it’s the companies that make your smartphones.

Business Video Bootcamp is proudly present by Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP) and FireStation101 part of Ipswich City Council.

Meet Julian Mather:

Julian Mather has seen the world through many lenses. Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting videographer for ABCTV, National Geographic and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician.

He’s traveled far but his longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it. From public servant to solo-preneur. From stutterer to professional speaker.

He now helps people on their journey to creating 21st-century video: an essential business skills for the coming decade.

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