Seeking Innovation Precinct Partnerships

Fire Station 101 is seeking expressions of interests to deliver products and/or services. 

Website 101: Make your website a business tool!

Learn how to make your website a business tool for growth.  

Pitching Masterclass

Express your Value – for pitching in person, on paper and online.

Fire Station 101 is an innovation hub, a collaborative co-working space designed to optimise innovation through creating an ecosystem for knowledge sharing, solution making and business growth. We help entrepreneurs, businesses and curious minds ignite innovation through delivering skill building initiatives, providing connections and unlocking access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Our hub is a flexible space that adapts to the needs of local innovators. Transforming between workspace and classroom, evolving from office to teacher. This hybrid of physical, technical and educational support creates a unique environment that brings together entrepreneurs, business and industry to incubate ideas, accelerate commercialisation and scale-up innovation.


We’ll help you to ignite your business supporting you to refine your ideas, build your business acumen and preparing for market. 


Feed the flames of your business learn new skills to help you increase revenue, acquire new customers and raise capital.


Discover strategies and tools to ignite new potential, expand into new markets, adapt to change and develop new products. 

More than just a co-working space or desk, an innovation hub is a midpoint of the economic, physical and networking assets needed to accelerate entrepreneurship. Innovation hubs help to translate ideas into commercial outcomes providing access to the connections, resources and tools needed to actualise your possible.

We connect entrepreneurs with the pathways they need to create change. From skill building to connections to talent, capital and knowledge. We work with you to ignite your possible, helping you to set your ideas ablaze.

Fire Station 101 is the right place at the right time. We bring together an inspiring workplace, state-of-the art digital infrastructure and a dynamic community of like-minded entrepreneurs all focused on one thing: the entrepreneur’s success.

From our home base of Ipswich – Queensland’s fastest growing city – you will have access to valuable mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities. Our mentors will further accelerate your growth, while our exceptional IT and data capabilities will enable your success. You will work side-by-side with talented, motivated people. It is the ideal environment in which to learn, share and collaborate.

With a range of membership options available, joining the Fire Station 101 community is a smart and flexible solution for startups, entrepreneurs and digitally-minded small businesses.

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